The “Right Age” for Body Image?

This is the first entry in my series, The “Right Age” for Young Readers. In my quest to establish my YA fiction, I often find myself writing chapters or stories that I feel may be wrong for my target audience. I plan to post some very short fiction for young readers, like this piece, and gather comments about whom it might suit. Maybe you could even test it on your favorite young reader, to see if you are right. Early the following week, I will post thoughts about that issue.

In this case, I hope for some dialogue about the appropriate age to start directly addressing the issue of Body Image.

In the meantime, Don’t miss my recent guest-post at Cow Pasture Chronicles, where I pick on The Hunger Games again to explain my aversion to most use of Present Tense in YA fiction.

Stronger than Tissue

By K. Alan

The day my social life improved, all it took was a little tissue.

mirror_decoratedWell, to be honest, it took lots of tissue; nearly a whole roll had vanished by the time I finished spinning it into my fists and under my shirt. A little billowing around the buttons to hide any crumpling, and the girl in the mirror was happy. I was just like the other girls, now.

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