Developing literary aesthetic for the fun-loving reader.

BIOGRAPHY: From a love of adventure and words comes the writing style of K. Alan Leitch. An author of Young Adult fiction, Murder Mysteries and Comedic Thrillers, his narratives create images that can’t be experienced from a screen. His seven novels have received awards from Textnovel, Serena McDonald Kennedy and The Write Launch. Through short fiction, he’s also explained our love of soap operas to Writer Advice; found a reason to live in Gathering Storm Magazine; written in six different voices for WOW: Women on Writing; and championed otherworldly native reconciliation in Stringybark Stories. Among dozens of other short stories to his credit, these nine represent the range of styles and genres that continue to make writing, for him, a comedic thriller all its own.




HOME: Surfers Paradise, QLD


HOME: Calgary, Alberta Canada

BORN: 1965


HOBBIES: Roller-skating, designing free telephony, making salad, pretending to read minds in public.



Second Place The Cold and the Dutiful Writer Advice, Volume 20, Issue 4
Print Publication The Last Page Gathering Storm Magazine, Issue 3
Runner Up No Chocolate for Gerald Spring, 2017 Fiction Competition
The Malicious Mist of Misery Sound Fall, 2016 Fiction Competition
Mixed Colors
Ease Fall, 2015 Fiction Competition
Starlite Lanes: We Bowl for Democracy
Final Reading: Serena McDonald Kennedy award
Honorary Mention Damp Courtship Winter, 2017 Fiction Competition
Final Judging Last Gift of the Coltray 2017 Parsec Short Story Contest
Final Reading My Father’s Voice Winter, 2016 Fiction Competition
Final Reading The Colorful Cargo of Captain Jimmy Summer, 2016 Fiction Competition
Second Place The Hug Independent Education Union’s open category fiction award
Honorable Mention Enduring Entropy Published in “A Visit to the Duchess,” by Stringybark Stories.

SOCIAL MEDIA: See other samples of my writing, along with my blog, Words from K. Alan . Follow me on Twitter @KAlanAuthor .

ORGANIZATIONS: Member: English-Speaking Union; Member: English Teachers Association of Queensland; Organizer: South-East Queenland Public Speaking Adjudicator: Rostrum Voice of Youth Adjudicator: Lions Youth of the Year Public Speaking Adjudicator: GC Debate


SAMPLE SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: Saint Stephen’s College; A.B. Paterson College; APS Schools’ Association


SCHOOL:James Cook University/Oxford University

DEGREE:Master’s Degree


SPECIFIC FIELD OF STUDY:English Literature (particularly at Oxford)

ACTIVITIES AND SOCIETIES:Member of the English Speaking Union and the English Teachers’ Association of Queensland

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:Not only has my postgraduate academic writing earned me Distinctions, but my studies of literary style and perspective have opened new avenues toward constructing reader-centered narratives. The accessible plots that I love to write are enhanced by a perfect balance of influence from literary masters.



RELATED EXPERIENCE: English Literature and Advanced Placement English Extension teacher.

ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE:Finding new ways of teaching and motivating students to learn about literature keeps my literary toolbox continuously refreshed. Furthermore, familiarity with the attitudes and styles of teenagers informs the voices of my Young Adult fiction.


MY WRITING STYLE: Emotions symbolized are a powerful narrative tool. Spiderwebs of anger crawl from the bellies of my characters to twist their faces; flightless joy grounds them to a family they did not know they loved. Any object in the setting can link to feelings.

MY DISTINCTIVENESS AS A WRITER: A range of life-experiences creates a rich field of sources for a writer, and I have worked in I.T., Secondary and Post-Secondary Education and retail, in three countries 9,000 miles apart. My extensive world travel and time with many socioeconomic classes have exposed me to a patchwork of voices that stitch together into my own unique narrative.


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