Death Imitates Art

An Artistic Mystery by K. Alan Leitch


Check for samples and progress of Death Imitates Art here: Part of NaNoWriMo 2016.


Written by

K. Alan Leitch



An unfinished Draft


Murder Mystery

Psychological Suspense

Target Audience

18+ Adult

This work could appeal to teenagers, but is aimed at adults in their twenties or thirties. It is written in a similar genre to various popular films.

Who can an artist reach when her paintings inspire a serial killer?


Eloise thought that she had escaped her past: she thought that her optimistic paintings had become renowned on their own merits, not simply because of her famous father’s. When a serial killer begins twisting her artwork into murders that are closer in nature to her father’s dark style, Eloise is forced to face the violence that took him from her as a little girl. And when Detective Ambrose Grainger discovers that the killings have been going on for years—before her paintings were even finished—Eloise knows that she will need to find the murderer from among the people she trusts the most.


“I mined my voice for the words to say to him, but came up with nothing. David needed to see the logic behind trying to catch his boss in the act; like my father, though, I wasn’t widely known for my logical thinking. Anything I might risk saying to him now would be charged with fear, and with the determination I felt to keep my family protected. I was an artist; instinct and emotion were my battlegrounds, and, at times like this, the noise they were making drowned out any voice of reason inside me.”

– Eloise Trilling, narrator: an artist whose paintings are being used as settings for serial killings.
Eloise Trilling has dealt with the effects of violence before. Grappling with early memories of domestic abuse, she spends most of her time caring for an agoraphobic mother who cannot cope with what she did to protect her daughter. The rest of the time, Eloise, with the help of her manager, Phoebe, is enjoying some of the success as an artist that her father once did… that is, until a serial killer begins using her paintings as templates for his murders.

And the murders are taking place before she even releases them.

Often at odds with Detective Ambrose Grainger, Eloise is accused and cleared of the murders several times, particularly after she follows the killer into her mother’s home in a failed attempt to prevent more tragedy. Uneasy with the police, she turns to a television Current Affairs team to help draw out the murderer, but grows to depend more and more on the quirky technical crew when her suspicions turn toward their publicity-hungry lead journalist, and even toward Phoebe herself.

Attempting to live and spread a life of joy and optimism, Eloise’s efforts are twisted at every turn by her past, her career and an unknown killer. Trusting only two people she thought she never could, she struggles to protect her family’s privacy… but layers of it are stripped away by murders based on painting after painting that only her most trusted friends have even seen.

2 thoughts on “Death Imitates Art

    • I guess if you really want to know, then that is a good start. This one is currently being judged in competition, after which I will begin the painful process of editing and revising for submissions. Thanks, Millie, for all your encouragement… we have a lot in common (but not our age!)

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