Olivia of Olympus

A YA Humorous Fantasy by K. Alan Leitch

Goddesses and Amazons have never had to face detention.
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Written by

K. Alan Leitch



A Second Draft

45236 words


Action / Adventure



Target Audience

12-15 Young Adult


Olivia Olinger thinks her biggest problem is that she’s surrounded by nerds, until she suddenly finds herself surrounded by Amazon warriors. When the friend she’s outgrown, Kent Hwang, does a magic trick to make Steve disappear, the whole school celebrates—until Kent can’t bring the obnoxious nerd back. Now, with the talent show cancelled, Livi has lost her only chance to dance for prestigious scouts, and she’s taking it out on Kent and the irritatingly clever Elsie. She’s taking it out on them by dragging them with her to wherever Steve went.

“So, in summary: you travelled through a magic booth to find the president of the A/V club, but instead left him there when some Amazons tried to run spears through you, just as you transported home from mythical Ancient Greece.”

“You told us it was Turkey,” I reminded Mr. Phelps.

It was the wrong thing to say.












– Olivia Olinger, a frustrated dance student, trying to explain her long absence in Themiscyra to her principal.



 Little did they know, Steve went to Mount Olympus: home of the Ancient Greek gods.

Armed only with Doctor Pepper and mobile phones, Livi and her pests rescue each other from Amazons, cliffs and immature gods who live to cause mischief. To get Steve back from Olympus, they must host contests in their school the likes of which the gods never dreamt: D&D, and Debating. Even Dodgeball. And when the stakes rise from a cancelled talent show to the fate of the modern world, will faith in their godlike principal and a manlike god help them survive a final battle in the Elysian Fields?

For that matter, will Livi survive another adventure surrounded by nerds?

Embarking upon an epic journey both at school and on Olympus, Livi and the others can’t help but make a few discoveries along the way. They discover a power in humanity that gods can never possess, and they discover that having someone on their side is not always as easy to notice as they’d think. Most importantly, they discover that the lives they have led are never separate, no matter how much they might try to keep them that way.

And Livi discovers that opportunities are often as earthly as the gods choose to make them.


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