Olivia Tames Olympus

Eyelands Awards finalist, Book Pipeline semifinalist and International 3-Day Novel semifinalist K. Alan Leitch portals in a profesionally edited magical adventure!

Goddesses and Amazons have never had to face detention.
Read the short prequel, Olivia Tames Terror, on Inkitt or Wattpad.

Written by

K. Alan Leitch



A Second Draft

49000 words


Action / Adventure



Target Audience

12-15 Young Adult


Making high school the most powerful place in space and time, the Pantheon series opens portals that bring us magical beings who aren’t so great after all. Praised by professional editor Matthew Bird for its combination of “believable teens and rousing action,” Incursion One: Olivia Tames Olympus flips Rick Riordan’s vision for Percy Jackson, pitting the gods against their superior teenage overlords. At least, OLIVIA OLINGER thinks she’s superior; after all, she is a dancer.


Livi’s biggest problem is how to escape her tedious public school, until she suddenly needs to escape from some Amazon warriors. When one friend she’s outgrown, KENT HWANG, does a magic trick to make STEVE disappear, the whole school celebrates—until Kent can’t bring his obnoxious friend back. Now, with the talent show cancelled, Livi has lost her chance to audition for a scholarship to the Renoit Academy, and she’s taking it out on Kent and the irritatingly clever ELSIE. She’s taking it out on them by dragging them with her to wherever Steve went. The problem is that Steve went to Mount Olympus: home of the Ancient Greek gods.

Stuck with Kent and stuck with Elsie—that ‘good example’ who Livi’s parents want in her life—Livi fights to find Steve so the talent show will be rescheduled. Armed with Doctor Pepper, cellphones, and adolescent stubbornness, Livi and her pests face Amazons, a mysterious janitor, and immature gods who live to cause mischief. But when Steve betrays his friends to take control of Olympus, the stakes grow from a scholarship to the fate of the modern world. To get his revenge, he agrees to send gods to compete in contests they never dreamt: D&D, Dance and Debating. Even Dodgeball. Will faith in their godlike principal and a manlike god help students survive a final battle in the Elysian Fields?

Livi is nobody’s Percy Jackson. This is a novel for anyone who’s ever needed a ‘Buffy Gang’ or a personal Zeus to help learn the importance of home. Livi becomes the true hero of Olivia Tames Olympus only when she stops wishing for another place long enough to help her band of god-busters save her own place. Gymnastics with Hippolyta and a police-chase with Hermes give her the confidence she needs to survive an adventure in a lowly public school. But portals are opening all around it. Will Livi’s school survive the next magical incursion from Avalon or Atlantis?

Quotable Quotations

The D&D club didn’t scare easily; they were too convinced that everything in their lives was a work of fiction. “Hey,” one of them said, noticing Hades just now. “Where did you come from? Are you the dungeon-master?”
Severe and bearded, Hades regarded him without forgiveness. “I am Hades,” he rumbled, “the master of creation’s most terrible dungeon. I am here on command from Olympus, to humiliate you using the dice of many sides.”
That was good enough for the players. “That’s settled, then,” Kent said, picking up some cards and a handful of humiliating dice. “Let’s get started.”
* * * * *
“For Zeus, sisters!” the warrior at point shouted. “If our command from Olympus is to strike these mortals down with our handmade spheres, then we shall do so with pride and fury!” When they saw that their opposition was male, the Amazons’ teeth bared sadistically.
They hadn’t counted on the Dodge-ball team, though; there wasn’t a force in creation more sadistic. A horizontal hailstorm of red rubber assaulted the encroaching warriors, knocking them backward against the stage and knocking many of their heads against the insides of the helmets designed to protect them.
* * * * *
It wasn’t long before my Amazon captors shoved me onto my back into a low dirt cell that I seemed to be sharing with one very old man. “The magistrate will join us soon,” one of my pointy-speared friends promised, “to decide the level of labor you will be assigned.”
“I’m pretty good at making cheese-toast,” I suggested as they clanked away into the brightness of the city. “Or folding laundry. Why don’t you get me to fold some laundry?” I called to their receding backs.

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