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Snack runs in Utah just got deadly

Bold Satire Crimes of Convenience:

  • Grand Finalist of 200 entries in the 40th annual 3-Day Novel Contest.
  • A Blue Collar Conspiracy!
Jessica has become just psychic enough to get herself killed

YA Speculative Mystery Too Much Information:

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12-15: The “Right Age” for Body Image

Ever been annoyed by a teen drama?


Remember this guy? All that confidence, while he was in public school!

That is a safe question: if you are over the age of twenty, and have ever read or watched any fiction, then of course so-called “realistic” teen drama has annoyed you. There is something about the perfection of these high-schoolers—their polished, acne-free skin, their toned abs, their assured confidence—that distracts an audience from the angst they are supposed to be experiencing. Somehow, their popularity with their peers just makes an older viewer yawn over their battles with addiction and their quests for the perfect convertible. Remembering our own adolescence might make us want to ask why: why can’t more novels and films depict teen insecurity as it is?

Perhaps the reason is that it just hits too close to home.

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Start at the Very Middle…


The middle might be a very good place to start.

While I doubt that the real Fräulein Maria ever sang about starting at the beginning, my mother’s obsession with Julie Andrews made me feel, while growing up, that this was good advice. Subconsciously, I think I have always tried to follow it. Perhaps, while writing, I shouldn’t.

NANO is now one-third finished, but my novel is not. I am determined to follow the organization’s advice: to produce a draft of a novel, no matter how badly written, entirely during this month. After all, if I wrote Olivia of Olympus to 36,000 words during the 3-day Novel Competition, shouldn’t I be able write Death Imitates Art given an entire month? I should be: provided that I don’t get too hung up on the problems I’ve had writing a strong first chapter. No matter how carefully I plan and outline, it seems that I can’t get any real momentum going in my narrative and dialogue until–you guessed it–around the middle.

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