NaNo-NaNo, Shazbot.


Greatness comes and Greatness goes, but it takes an audience to notice.

Two days ago, I passed the 50,000 word goal on my NaNoWriMo project. Oddly, not even Shazbot celebrated.

The reason I find this odd is because an automated message from the project—a robot, of sorts, whom I like to call ‘Shazbot’—has congratulated me by email on each of the other benchmarks along the way: at 25,000 words, for example, and again at 40,000. Shazbot’s silence over my achievement of NaNo’s ultimate goal is understandable, however, for two simple reasons.

  1. I haven’t yet finished the novel, and,
  2. not another human soul has read it.

Perhaps it takes more than just writing 50,000 words for a writer or his ‘bot to feel like celebrating.

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